Start a Money-Making Blog in 5 Easy Steps!

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Start a Money-Making Blog

So you’re thinking about starting your own money-making blog, and you’re wondering if it’s actually possible to earn extra money or even make a full-time income from a blog.

The answer is yes. You can start your own blog and, depending on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest, either bring in some regular extra money or generate a full-time income.

I know this because I’m currently generating a full-time income as a blogger myself!

So whether you’re interested in starting a food blog, a lifestyle blog, a fashion blog, a personal finance blog – you name it – the opportunity is there for those willing to take the plunge and put in the work.

I personally know several bloggers generating six-figure incomes. And though I can’t claim to be bringing in that type of income myself yet, it’s definitely encouraging to know it can be done.

Believe it or not, these bloggers are ordinary people just like you. If they can do it, so can you!

Give me 15 minutes, and faster than you can wash a load of clothes, I’ll have you set up with your own money-making blog, and on the way to generating your own blogging income!

Money-Making Blog Step-by-Step Instructions:

The FIRST thing you need to decide is what your blog will be about.

What are your interests? What do you love? What are you passionate about?  Because believe me, if you’re not passionate about it, you won’t be able to sustain a blog about it!

The SECOND thing is to choose hosting and set up a domain name.

~ Hosting is easy. I highly recommend Bluehost for anyone starting a blog. It’s affordable and reliable service you can count on!

Reliable Site Hosting with BlueHost

Bluehost has great rates. Best of all, if you decide to host your site with them, they give you your domain name for FREE! (This is a great savings in itself! It’s also much easier to set up a site if your domain name is registered through your host.)

Click Here to Go to Bluehost!

Once you’re on Bluehost, click on the “Get Started Now” tab.

It’s time to pick your package, I recommend the Starter Plan. By prepaying for 36 months upfront, you’ll get BlueHost’s lowest price.

Best of all, the company offers a no-risk, money-back guarantee. So if you’re not completely satisfied, you’re covered!

Bluehost Packages

Don’t worry about adding all the extras during sign-up. If you decide you want them later on, you can easily add them at that time.

You can pick your free domain name next.  You may have to try out a few different names before you find one that’s available.

A word to the wise: your domain name should tell readers immediately what your blog is about. It’s a best practice for attracting an audience, and it’s a best practice when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Your blog title and tag line need to spell out exactly what your site is about. So think carefully about it.

Bluehost Domain Names

~Next, you’ll enter your account and contact information.

Sign Up for a Bluehost Account

Then Pick your Package. Again, you’ll see more optional services you can add. But there’s plenty of time for that later.

Bluehost Package Information

You’re almost there! Enter your billing information. Read the terms of service and confirm. Then press “Submit.”

Bluehost Billing info

Now you have your own BlueHost account!

Welcome to Bluehost

Create a password. Log in. You’ll see a welcome message!

Set Password Bluehost

Now you’re ready for the THIRD step: installing WordPress.

WordPress is site hosting software that makes running your site super easy. It’s the framework that nearly every money-making blog is set up on.

First log into your C-Panel, if you’re not already logged in.

Bluehost cPanel Login

Go to your account dashboard and click where it says “Install WordPress.” You’ll be walked through the process of setting up WordPress step-by-step.



Press the “Start” button for a Brand New Install.


Select the domain name you want to install WordPress on (the domain you chose earlier).

12-Install WP

Last step: If the two boxes below aren’t already checked, check them. Enter your site’s official name (not the www., but the actual name of your site). Enter an admin username, password (make it complicated, with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols – for security), and admin email address. Read the terms and check the box and click “Install Now.”

13-WP Login


You’re Done! You’re now officially a publisher with your own money-making blog!


15-Install Complete

Below is a pic of your WordPress sign-on page. You should receive an email from Bluehost with the URL of your admin page and directions for logging onto your dashboard. If, for some reason, you do not, follow these directions from Bluehost:

The default URL to login to WordPress is the same URL you would use to visit your site but with “/wp-admin” added to the end of it.

For example if I visit my WordPress website at I would go to to access the login screen.

Your login screen should look like this. Enter your username and password.

17-WordPress Login

This is your dashboard! From here, you will run your entire site – upload themes, add plugins, write posts, and more!

18-WordPress Dashboard

It’s time for the FOURTH step: choosing a theme and framework for your site and making it unbelievable!

I use a Genesis framework child theme by Studiopress. I highly recommend going this route. Genesis is a paid framework and theme package, but well worth the investment.

There are also many free themes available across the Internet and right within your WordPress installation, if you prefer to start out with a free theme.

The reason I recommend Genesis so highly is it will make your site look professional from the start. Also, Genesis is famous for being SEO friendly, meaning Google likes it. That means your audience will have an easier time finding you! It’s also more secure.

Best of all, Studiopress/Genesis is mobile-ready, meaning you won’t have to pay someone to set up a mobile site for you! This is really important as more and more people access the Internet from their smart phones.

You can check out Studiopress and the full selection of Genesis themes here.

Once you’ve installed your theme, you’re officially the publisher of a money-making blog!

IMPORTANT:Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it step-by-step. Bluehost has people available to help you if you have any questions.

Finally, the FIFTH and FINAL step – Monetize:

Once you’ve published some content and given it time to show up in Google search, it’s time to sign up with some ad networks and throw a few well-placed ads on your site.

For those just starting out, I recommend Adsense and They’re easy to sign up with, and their ads are simple to implement.

You’re done! Now keep creating great content and sharing it on social media! Who knows? You could be the next six-figure blogger!

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