Work-at-Home: 11 Online Tutoring Job Opportunities

I just recently saw an article on a work-at-home job I really hadn’t thought about: online tutoring or E-tutoring.  If you’re an expert in a certain subject or a former teacher, this might be a great opportunity.  Tutors interact with their students via email, online chat, or message board.  Classes or tutoring sessions are scheduled in advance.  Best of all, you can generally work as many or as few hours as you like if the work is available.

Some tips:

Be prepared with a lesson plan before the tutoring session.  Be encouraging, and use your student’s name in the tutoring session.  Observe the student, and try to identify areas that he or she needs to work on.  Be patient, and keep in mind that younger students often type slowly.  Show concern about the student’s success.  Praise them for their successes.

Some of the tutoring services currently online who hire telecommuters are:

Good luck!