Freelance Writing Jobs with LovetoKnow

Freelance Writing Jobs with LovetoKnow!

LovetoKnow is seeking freelance writers to work on a contract basis across a variety of topics. They specifically seek writers with expertise in a particular area, such as fashion, crafting, food, etc. Hours are flexible. Qualifications (from work-at-home job listing): Specific expertise and/or credentials in the writer’s topics Excellent writing and editing skills, with logical flow, … [Read more...]

COED Media Hiring Freelance Content Writers

COED Media Hiring Freelance Content Writers!

COED Media is seeking freelance writers to pitch and write 1 to 10 posts per week! These blogging positions are 100% remote. Pay is competitive and per post. Requirements (from work-at-home employment listing): Must be on the cutting edge of his or her specific field and willing to provide quick turnaround on topics that are trending Must be able to find content and write in a style that … [Read more...]

SmartBrief Hiring Work at Home Morning News Summarizers

SmartBrief Hiring Freelance Morning News Writers in the U.S.

SmartBrief is again hiring work at home morning news writers to summarize complex articles in as little as two sentences. These freelance writing opportunities are available throughout the U.S. Expectations are two to four hours per day. Qualifications (from work-at-home employment listing):   Proven writing skills. (A timed test is given)   Ability to write quickly and accurately on … [Read more...]

Spartz Hiring Freelance Headline Writers

Spartz Hiring Freelance Headline Writers!

Spartz is seeking home-based freelance writers to craft engaging headlines for its viral entertainment sites! This position is available anywhere in the U.S. You can work from home, the coffee shop - you name it! You set your own hours. Expectations for this work-at-home position are 10 to 20 hours per week. You will be asked to complete a short 30-minute exercise to assess your writing … [Read more...]

Moravia Worldwide Hiring Freelance Hotel Description Writers

Moravia Worldwide Hiring Freelance Hotel Description Writers!

Moravia Worldwide is seeking freelance writers to create 100-word objective hotel descriptions on an independent contractor basis. From work-at-home job listing: "These hotel descriptions will appear across a variety of our client products, with the goal of empowering users to make informed booking decisions faster and more easily." You will research hotels utilizing approved sources, … [Read more...]

Wordfirm Seeking Freelance Editors and More in U.S.

Wordfirm Seeking Freelance Editors and More in U.S.

Wordfirm is seeking freelance independent contractors for a variety of work at home positions. Currently, they are seeking skilled editors to work via the Internet.  Location is not a factor. The company also hires freelance graphic designers, writers, and indexers for projects. Editors must be professional, with a college degree and a minimum of five years of editing experience. If you … [Read more...]

Healthline Hiring Freelance Writers, Journalists, and Fact-Checkers

Healthline Hiring Freelance Writers, Journalists, and Fact-Checkers!

Healthline Networks is currently seeking home-based freelance writers, journalists, and fact-checkers in the United States! According to the employment listing, the company "publishes health information and news... and also provides content and services to companies like Yahoo! Health, GE, Microsoft, and Demand Media." Pay is per-article and varies depending on assignment. Requirements (from … [Read more...]

Secret Escapes Hiring Freelance Hotel Copywriters

Secret Escapes Hiring Freelance Hotel Copywriter!

Secret Escapes, a members-only luxury travel site, is seeking home-based freelance writers to research hotels and produce excellent sales copy. You must have a passion for travel and experience writing for the Internet. Skills and Requirements (from freelance job listing): Bachelor’s degree in English or journalism 2+ years’ experience writing for the Web Experience in ecommerce (in … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Freelance Image Reviewer Jobs with Shutterstock

Work at Home: Freelance Image Reviewer Jobs with Shutterstock!

Shutterstock is seeking home-based freelance image reviewers from across the United States! You will be evaluating photos for overall quality, execution, and suitability for commercial purposes, as well as adherence to the company's acceptance standards. This is a freelance position. You set your own schedule. Qualifications (from work-at-home job listing): Mandatory: Domain expertise … [Read more...]

Birchbox Hiring Freelance Product Copywriter

Birchbox Hiring Freelance Product Copywriter

This one's short and sweet! Birchbox is seeking a freelance product copywriter to write about the products sold on its site. According to the employment listing, you'll be working with the company's in-house team to create "fun, informative, and engaging" content that compels customers to make purchases. You must have excellent spelling and grammar abilities, and you must have writing … [Read more...]

Decorilla Hiring Home-Based Freelance Interior Designers


Decorilla is hiring home-based freelance interior designers from across the United States. You choose projects you're interested in working on, and you set your own schedule. Best of all, the company promotes your business! Here's how it works (from work-at-home opportunity listing): Customers prepay and submit their project requirements You submit proposals to projects you choose You … [Read more...]

Icarus Hiring Freelance Writers for Money Saving Content


  Icarus Publishing is seeking full-time freelance writers to create content around the subject of saving money. Specifically, they seek writers to contribute on the following topic areas: Style/Fashion Home/Gardening Travel/Entertainment Family/Parenting Extreme Couponing Finance You must have excellent communicative abilities, as communication with your supervisor is … [Read more...]

Red Tricycle Hiring Freelance Family Writers


Red Tricycle is hiring freelance writers to contribute to its national edition. From the job listing: "We’re looking for moms and dads who want to bring their deep knowledge and passion for kids style and design to spin savvy sentences for our National edition." These jobs are available throughout the U.S. Requirements (from job listing): Have a sharp eye for kid and family focused style … [Read more...]

WomensForum Hiring Freelance Home, Food, Parenting, and Health Writers


WomensForum is hiring freelance writers in a variety of subject areas: home and living, entertainment, food, love, parenting, style, and health. In this position, you will be writing articles each week for the website (minimum 250 words), staying abreast of current and trending topics across the Internet, pitching story ideas to your channel editor and editorial director, and researching and … [Read more...]