InScribe Hiring Home-Based Medical Transcriptionists


InScribe is hiring home-based medical transcriptionists from across the U.S. (except California) and Canada. Plenty of work is available. InScribe is a family oriented company, and mentors and fellow MTs offer ongoing support and guidance. These are independent contractor positions. You determine your own schedule. The company has work of varying levels of difficulty and will match you with … [Read more...]

Allegis Hiring Work at Home General Transcriptionists


Allegis Communications is seeking experienced work at home general transcriptionists from across the U.S. to transcribe recorded statements for the property and casualty insurance market.  These are independent contractor positions. You must have your high school diploma or its equivalent. Further Requirements (from work-at-home job listing): Demonstrate honesty and integrity at all … [Read more...]

Work at Home General Transcription Jobs with iSoftStone


iSoftStone is seeking work at home English transcriptionists for a 3 to 6-month project. These positions are available anywhere in the U.S.  If you're interested in getting started in general transcription, this might be the perfect opportunity. You will be listening to English audio recordings, typing out what you hear into text, and then tagging the text with the appropriate … [Read more...]

Aerotek Hiring 10+ Work at Home General Transcriptionists


Aerotek is seeking 10+ work-at-home general transcriptionists in the Boston area for a long-term project related to speech and language research.  The minimum weekly commitment is 20 hours, with the ability to work up to 40 hours. You must have strong English ability and proficiency.  English majors, Library Science majors, writers, editors, and librarians can qualify, as well as those with … [Read more...]

Focus Forward Hiring Work at Home General Transcriptionists


Focus Forward is seeking work-at-home experienced general transcriptionists. These are virtual independent contractor positions. You must be able to transcribe at least three hours of audio per week. An excellent grasp of grammar and punctuation is required.  Compensation is $10 per 15 minutes of audio transcribed. This position is open to US-based applicants only. Requirements (from job … [Read more...]

How to Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career!


"I purchased your book on Amazon and it was very helpful. I have never had a job before, so the prospect of finding something online amid all the scams was overwhelming. I am so grateful for your information."   Jelena Are you looking for a work-at-home job that costs little to start up, is flexible, and pays you well for your time and effort?  If so, then general transcription might be the … [Read more...]

Work at Home Transcription Jobs with Transcription Express


Transcription Express is seeking work-at-home general transcriptionists. You may be located anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.  You must be able to attend a five-day training session in the company's Gilbert, AZ offices. All candidates should be willing to accept audio files five days a week (minimum of four hours of work per day).  You will be paid by the page produced.  Subcontractors … [Read more...]

Patient First Seeking Work-at-Home Medical Transcriptionists


Patient First is again seeking work-at-home medical transcriptionists.  Requirements (from the listing): High school graduate or equivalent; At least 3 years of medical transcription experience in a hospital or specialty setting preferred; Must be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to work at home without direct supervision; Must be able to accurately type more than 65 words … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Transcription Jobs with Holy Cross Hospital


Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Springs, Maryland, is seeking work-at-home transcriptionists. Hours are 2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You must be a high school graduate and have a minimum of one year's experience in a medical facility. Additionally, you must be able to transcribe med/surgical reports with a minimum of errors at the rate of 125 lines per hour.  You must have an … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Language Transcription Jobs with Verbal Ink


Verbal Ink is seeking work-at-home transcriptionists/translators in the following languages: • Arabic • Norwegian • Korean • Finnish • Dutch • Swedish • Portuguese • Cantonese • Romanian • Ukrainian • Turkish This is a freelance position.  You must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.  You must have native fluency in both English and the non-English language, and you must be … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Transcription Jobs with Precyse


Precyse hires work-at-home transcriptionists from across the U.S.  You must have a minimum of three years of experience in acute care, and you must have a broad base of knowledge in all areas of medicine. You must have strong English communication skills, Microsoft Word and Internet experience, excellent keyboarding skills, and a strong background in medical terminology.  Additionally, you must … [Read more...]

Work at Home: General Transcription Jobs with NY Company


An established New York-based general transcription company is seeking work-at-home transcriptionists.  These are 1099 positions.  All applicants will be required to take a short 15-minutes test. You must be highly motivated, skilled, detail-oriented, and able to meet deadlines consistently.  You must also have excellent investigative, spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.  The company is … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Transcription Jobs with Verbal Ink


Verbal Ink is seeking work-at-home general transcriptionists in the following languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Hungarian.  You must have a native-level fluency in both English and one of the above languages, and be able to translate between the two. You must also have a minimum of two years of translation experience and some transcription experience, and you must be … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home Transcription Jobs with Accutran Global


Accutran Global, a financial transcription firm, hires work-at-home transcriptionists on an independent contractor basis.  You must have an excellent command of English, superior listening skills, and excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation abilities.  Experience is preferred. You must also be well read and up-to-date on the world's current affairs, and you must be able to type 70 WPM … [Read more...]