Work at Home: 5 Great Time-Tracking Tools for Freelancers

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time-tracking-tools-freelance-imageIf you freelance for a living and bill on a per-hour basis, it’s important to keep track of how much time you’re putting into a project. After all, time is money. It can be difficult, especially if you’re working from home.

You may start working on something, have to leave and deal with the kids, then come back. How do you really know how much time you’ve invested in something unless you track it? Here are 5 great time-tracking tools to help freelancers do just that:

Cashboard gives you the tools to provide estimates, track your time, and invoice the client.

With a focus on helping you “hit your budget.” After all, as they point out, your time is your inventory.

Simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet.

With this sleek tool, you can track time, log expenses, invoice clients, and keep track of accounts receivable and revenue.

As one Fortune 500 user raves: “Saves you time and makes you look professional.”

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