Start a Lucrative Freelance Writing Business from Home

I frequently post freelance writing opportunities here on Work at Home Mom Revolution. If you're not an experienced writer, you may not even read them. You may be thinking, "I don't have writing experience. I can't get a freelance writing job." But I'm here to tell you - this is not true. Even though you may never have made a dime from your writing, you can still learn the skill of freelance … [Read more...]

Freelance Foodie Writing Jobs with Mashed is again seeking freelance food writers in the U.S. to add to its team! The right candidates for these positions will be passionate about all things food and have at least a year of web writing experience. Experience as an entertainment writer or profiling celebrity chefs is a definite plus. From the site: "Mashed is the ultimate destination for food lovers. Whether you're just … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with Bustle, Elite Daily, and Romper

Bustle is seeking freelance writers to create affiliate content on a variety of subjects. These are part-time work at home positions. Writers will create content for the company's properties - Bustle, Elite Daily, and Romper. From the company: "Ideal candidates should have at least a year of writing experience, ideally in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle space. Previous commerce or … [Read more...]

Freelance Content Writing Jobs with Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media is seeking freelance writers in the U.S. to provide content for its clients. Home-based writers are paid per word ($0.05-$0.10), dependent upon experience, expertise, and level of writing skill. The company is specifically seeking freelance content writers who have expertise in particular subject areas. From the company: "Since 2011, Tempesta Media ( has … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing and Editing Jobs with First Quarter Finance

First Quarter Finance is seeking freelance writers for its site. These positions are completely remote. You will set your own hours. Writers will be expected to provide one article per week minimum (no maximum). Freelance writers who perform well may be promoted to editor in the future. From the company: "If you’re self-motivated, enjoy working from home, love organization, are both a … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with Hive Media

Hive Media's Idolator is seeking freelance writers to create posts and longer articles about pop music. In addition to writing posts, you will be editing images. You must be able to work on a deadline. These are contract freelance positions. From the company: "Idolator is a leading site for pop music news, pics and gossip. It has been independently covering your favorite artists and bands … [Read more...]

Freelance Food Writing Jobs with Mashed is seeking freelance food writers to join its team! These are contract positions. This home-based opportunity is flexible. You must have a minimum of one year of experience writing for the Web. Freelance writers will choose from a pool of possible topics, have 7 days to research, then pitch and write the approved post. From the company: "Mashed is the ultimate destination for … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with Diply

Diply is seeking freelance writers to create lifestyle and entertainment content. These home-based positions are available anywhere. The site is particularly seeking writers who can produce high quality viral content. From the company : "Do you live on the internet? Have you ever said to your friends, 'That was so yesterday?'How about, 'That was so two hours ago?' Diply is looking for people … [Read more...]

Freelance Travel and Hospitality Writing Jobs with Bizly

Bizly is seeking freelance travel/hospitality/luxury writers in the U.S. In this work at home position, you would be researching and writing about hotels and restaurants in your home city. From the company: "We have very ambitious growth goals and are looking for an ultra-cool travel/hospitality/luxury writer. You would help us research and write descriptions of hundreds of hotels and … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with The Tutorverse

The Tutorverse is seeking freelance writers to create practice questions and explanations for its new SAT tutoring program.  The company is seeking both math and reading/writing experts to help create quality practice materials for clients. Ideal candidate (from work-at-home job listing): has received a four-year degree from a prestigious post-secondary university (bonus if the degree is … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with Express Writers

  Express Writers is currently seeking freelance writers for ecommerce descriptions and blogs! These are long-term freelance positions. You will be writing short descriptions and posts (350 to 400 words) on a wide variety of subjects. If hired, you will be devoted exclusively to this project. Requirements (from work-at-home job listing):  Write fluently in US English … [Read more...]

Work at Home: SmartBrief Freelance Writing Jobs

SmartBrief is hiring freelance writers for the morning shift to briefly summarize news articles (two sentences). Expected hours are two to four per day. The summaries are for daily newsletters across multiple industries. These positions are available anywhere in the U.S. Qualifications (from work-at-home job listing): Proven writing skills. (A timed test is given)  Ability to write … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Jobs with Express Writers! Full-Time Salary Positions

Express Writers is seeking freelance writers for full-time work at home positions. Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available. The company offers bonus opportunities and time off. You will be creating content in a variety of subjects (your choice). Requirements (from work-at-home job listing) Versatile Love writing Must be able to pass paid writing test … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Velluto VIP Hiring Freelance Writers

Velluto VIP is hiring freelance writers to write articles from home. The schedule is flexible, and you will be paid weekly. In these positions, you will be writing approximately 400-word articles at a $4 to $6 per article rate of payment. Most writers can complete multiple assignments in an hour. These articles must be grammatically correct and contain no spelling errors. With excellent … [Read more...]

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