Work from Home as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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Work from Home as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant: New Opportunity!

If you work well under pressure, are detail-oriented, and love working as part of a team, then working as a real estate virtual assistant might be the perfect home business for you!

Real estate VAs are currently demanding $20 to $30 per hour!

Gina Horkey, of Become a Pinterest VA Today, and the 30 Days or Less Courses, recently dropped a brand new course, Real Estate for Virtual Assistants.

real estate virtual assistant

The course was created in partnership with licensed real estate agent Dan Frank and his real estate virtual assistant Diana Sweeney, and will teach you what real estate agents are seeking in a virtual assistant, and how you can best serve their needs.

From the Team:

“This course is designed to give you confidence in yourself as a real estate VA. Our actionable steps will help propel you forward towards achieving a REVA position.”

Is Real Estate Virtual Assisting the right career for you? Are you:

  • Highly organized, a “people” person, and proactive?
  • Someone who has in interest in learning more about real estate? (Huge bonus!)
  • Good at breaking things down (i.e. your friends count on YOU to plan group get-togethers)?
  • A great communicator who can keep it professional?
  • Able to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously (or what you just consider “everyday life”)?
  • Someone who has an eye for detail?
  • Someone who enjoys helping people smile?
  • Good at motivating others?
  • Someone who gets excited about helping to grow clients’ businesses?

If you answered “yes” to most or all of these questions, you’d probably do very well as a real estate VA!

Gina’s courses are always great. She believes in fully preparing her students for what they’ll face in the real work world.

From Diana, working real estate VA and co-designer of this course:

“While I started out managing social media for a single agent, I quickly transitioned to learning new skills like transaction coordinating, listing coordinating, and how to develop email campaigns. Better yet, I’m even pursuing my real estate license!

“Becoming a real estate VA has been an incredible experience and I’m passionate about helping other VAs take advantage of this largely untapped opportunity.”

If you’re already a working virtual assistant, or you’ve taken Gina’s 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success, then adding real estate expertise to your wheelhouse can only make you more valuable as a VA and open up whole new opportunities for your business!

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