10 Legit and Affordable Online Courses to Prepare You to Work from Home

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10 Legit and Affordable Online Courses to Prepare You to Work from Home

My 10 Favorite Online Courses and Schools

Before I found the work at home job that was right for me (more than a decade ago), I remember surfing the Internet daily for at least a year, looking for remote job opportunities or online training that would lead to a home-based career. Back then, there wasn’t a lot out there for a single mom seeking work from home.

Now that’s all changed. Now there’s outstanding online training for a variety of remote careers. I’ve had the good fortune, through my website, to get to know a variety of professionals who offer quality, affordable online training that will truly prepare you to make a living from home.

❤ My 10 Favorite Online Courses and Schools:


❤ Career Step

Career Step offers online training for a variety of home-based, as well as brick and mortar careers. It’s affordable, and the people at Career Step really care about your success! I trained at CS, and the people were great.

CS offers courses in medical transcription and editing, medical coding and billing, medical office management, pharmacy tech, health information technology, and much, much more!

If you’re looking for affordable, quality online training, Career Step is your best choice! Payment plans are available for those who need them!

Go to Career Step and Learn More Now!

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❤ Horkey Handbook

Gina Horkey provides online training for both virtual assistant training and freelance writing in her excellent program Fully Booked VA!

Gina’s an expert in her field, and all of her courses are topnotch! You can start by taking Gina’s Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Business Mini-Course and by signing up to the Fully Booked VA Waitlist, so you’ll also be notified when the new freelance writing course is launched!


❤ Proofread Anywhere

Proofreaders are in demand! Everything on the Internet needs proofreading. Transcripts, books, and documents need proofreading! Caitlin Pyle’s course Proofread Anywhere will thoroughly prepare you for a work at home career as a proofreader!

She teaches two versions: General Proofreading and Transcript Proofreading. Both offer free intro courses, so you can see if proofreading from home is right for you.

This isn’t the proofreading of old – with red pen and paper. Proofreaders today use an iPad and Internet connection to work from home!

Learn How You Can Train Online to be a Freelance Proofreader!


Become a Pinterest VA Today

Love social media? Spend all your time on Pinterest? Kristin Larsen’s online course Become a Pinterest VA Today will prepare you to get paid to run Pinterest accounts for businesses, and you can make excellent money doing so ($25 to $50 per hour)!

Check Out Become a Pinterest VA Today!


❤   Julie Eickhoff’s Voice Over School

As a freelance voice over artist, you set your own rates. Voice over talent can make anywhere from $100 to $300 per finished hour. So a five-hour audiobook with a pay rate of $200 per audio hour will pay $1,000! With audiobooks, you can choose to get paid a flat rate, royalties, or a combination of both.

🎙️ If you’re interested in learning more about work-at-home voice over work and how to get started, I highly recommend Julie Eickhoff’s excellent free voice-over training class here. It’s an introductory course that will give you a good idea if voice over work is the right home-based career for you! She’s been in the business since 2011 and knows her stuff!

Click Here to Take Julie’s Free Voice-Over Training Class!


❤ Transcribe Anywhere

I have written an ebook – Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career – which will teach you the basics of getting started in work at home transcription and give you an idea of whether or not general transcription is right for you.

But if you’re seeking more in-depth online training, then I highly recommend Janet Shaughnessy’s Transcribe Anywhere! It’s quality online transcription training at an affordable price!

Go to Transcribe Anywhere!


❤ The Facebook Side Hustle

Bobby Hoyt, The Millennial Money Man, teaches an online course in Facebook ad management for businesses – The Facebook Side Hustle. Businesses will pay well to have someone manage their Facebook ads, and with a little online training, you can be the one earning an income from this relatively new online business!

Bobby teaches you how to set up and run your own work-at-home Facebook ad management business, where you can earn up to $2,000 a month per client working part-time!


❤ Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start your own money-making blog, but don’t want to spend years struggling to make an income with it, then Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is what you’re seeking! She’s an expert in the field!

I have taken Michelle’s course and can personally recommend it. It’s affordable and will help you quickly build a full-time income blogging! It did this for me!


❤ Internet Scoping School

What’s scoping, you say? A scopist edits what court reporters produce (all while making an excellent income)! Scopists can work from anywhere. The average scopist makes between $30,000 and $50,000 a year.

Best of all, scopists are in high demand! If you have excellent punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary skills, this might be the perfect work at home career for you! Check out Internet Scoping School!


Take the time to check out all of these wonderful online courses! They all offer quality, affordable online training. The best time to start is today! Good luck!


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