Online Career Training: 8 Signs It Might Be Right for You!

If you've been seeking a work at home job for a while with no success, then it might be time to consider specialized online career training. Specialized training can prepare you for a specific home-based career and fast-track your ability to land profitable work at home employment. Online career training offers the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home, as well as the … [Read more...]

7 Opportunities to Prepare for a Work at Home Career

If you're reading this, it means you're serious about finding a work at home career! You've probably tried a few things, but just haven't found your niche yet. Back in the 1990's, when I started working from home, choices were limited. But today, there are so many options. Not only that, the options available now to work from home pay better! I'm sure you've heard the old saying - "Failing to … [Read more...]

Train Online to Be a Medical Transcription Editor

Years ago, when I was training to be a medical transcriptionist (I instead went into general transcription), I kept hearing rumors that the medical transcription field was on its way out, and that medical transcriptionists were going to be replaced by speech recognition software. Fast forward 12 years - the medical transcription profession is going strong! In fact, the profession has reinvented … [Read more...]

10 Legit and Affordable Online Courses to Prepare You to Work from Home

My 10 Favorite Online Courses and Schools Before I found the work at home job that was right for me (more than a decade ago), I remember surfing the Internet daily for at least a year, looking for remote job opportunities or online training that would lead to a home-based career. Back then, there wasn't a lot out there for a single mom seeking work from home. Now that's all changed. Now … [Read more...]

Flexible and Affordable Online Career Training: Start Making Real Money!

When I was in my late thirties and recently separated from my husband, I desperately needed to be making money - and fast! I had three kids to support, and I didn't have a minute to waste! But I had an English degree and no specific career training. That's how I became familiar with Career Step, one of my favorite online career training companies. I love Career Step because I trained there … [Read more...]

Career Step Online Training: Prepare from Home for a New Career!

If you're ready to start making some serious money - either from home or out in the brick and mortar world - you can't beat Career Step for reputation or cost! I studied transcription at Career Step, and I was so impressed with the people and the program. The people at CS were so helpful and kind, and I really felt they wanted me to succeed! Career Step offers affordable training programs … [Read more...]

📣 Career Step December Sale! New Year, New Career!

📣 Career Step is having a sale on their online career training programs, and it's a good one. But it's only available for 3 days - December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2021! Career Step is one of my favorite online career training programs because they prepare you for a successful work at home or out-in-the-world career, and they really care about your success. My experience: I trained to be a … [Read more...]

Career Step: Invest That Tax Refund in Your Future!

Wondering what to do with that tax refund? Well, you could fritter it away and have nothing to show for it, or you could invest in yourself and your future by training online for a new career (possibly a work-at-home career). "Career Step has self-paced training programs; they allow you to set your own study schedule and progress at your own pace." Career Step is making it easier than ever to … [Read more...]

Career Step Free Laptops, iPads, and Kindle Fires in July!

Heads up! During the month of July, Career Step is offering new students a free laptop or iPad if you enroll in the following programs: Outpatient Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Transcription Editor, Medical Transcription, Pharmacy Technician, or Computer Technician.  If you enroll in the Medical Administrative Assistant, Medical Billing, or Executive Assistant programs, you will receive a … [Read more...]

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