7 Opportunities to Prepare for a Work at Home Career

If you're reading this, it means you're serious about finding a work at home career! You've probably tried a few things, but just haven't found your niche yet. Back in the 1990's, when I started working from home, choices were limited. But today, there are so many options. Not only that, the options available now to work from home pay better! I'm sure you've heard the old saying - "Failing to … [Read more...]

Training Online for a Work at Home Career: My Experience

When I was first looking for work from home 28 years ago, the opportunities were slim to nonexistent. Training online for a work at home career just didn't exist. But with the rapid growth of the Internet, working from home has become not only possible, but commonplace. Whether it's starting your own home business or working online for a company, if you truly want to work from home, today, you … [Read more...]

17 Udemy Courses: Prepare for a Work at Home Career

Udemy Courses That Will Prepare You for a Work at Home Career: Sometimes all you need to propel you into a work at home career is a little education. And thanks to the Internet, that education is not only easily obtained, but also affordable. The following is a list of some of the highest-rated Udemy courses available right now. Any of these could lead you to a work at home career: Etsy … [Read more...]

Career Step: Invest That Tax Refund in Your Future!

Wondering what to do with that tax refund? Well, you could fritter it away and have nothing to show for it, or you could invest in yourself and your future by training online for a new career (possibly a work-at-home career). "Career Step has self-paced training programs; they allow you to set your own study schedule and progress at your own pace." Career Step is making it easier than ever to … [Read more...]

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