Training Online for a Work at Home Career: My Experience

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Training Online for a Work at Home Career: My Experience

When I was first looking for work from home 28 years ago, the opportunities were slim to nonexistent. Training online for a work at home career just didn’t exist. But with the rapid growth of the Internet, working from home has become not only possible, but commonplace.

Whether it’s starting your own home business or working online for a company, if you truly want to work from home, today, you can!

I highly recommend Career Step if you’re looking to train for a work at home or out-in-the-world career. The people at Career Step truly care about your success. The programs are all top-notch, and support is always available.

work at home laptopIf you’re a regular reader, you’ve read about my experience with Career Step. I trained at Career Step for a career in medical transcription, and the training was awesome!

Although I ended up working from home as a general transcriptionist (because I’m a hypochondriac), the training covered everything I could possibly need to know to acquire a job and start working in the field of transcription. The proof: I’ve been a home-based transcriptionist for more than a decade!

Career Step offers programs in the following home-based and out-in-the-world:

If you’re a military spouse, MyCAA funding may completely cover the costs of your Career Step education!

I trained with Career Step for a career in medical transcription, but ended up in general transcription. But the skills I gained during my training have been invaluable to me during my more than ten-year career in general transcription.

Benefits of Training Online for a Work at Home Career with Career Step (from the company):

  • Short training periods – Be career ready in as little as 4 months!

  • Convenient online training – Enjoy 24/7 access to all program materials and study at your own pace.

  • Expert-created, real-world curriculum – Study materials developed by industry experts and designed to prepare you for the workplace.

  • Job search assistance – Career Step offers guidance on career opportunities after graduation.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of training online for a work-at-home career (or out-in-the-world career), then you can’t go wrong with Career Step.

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