Work at Home: General Transcription Jobs with NY Company

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An established New York-based general transcription company is seeking work-at-home transcriptionists.  These are 1099 positions.  All applicants will be required to take a short 15-minutes test.

You must be highly motivated, skilled, detail-oriented, and able to meet deadlines consistently.  You must also have excellent investigative, spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.  The company is specifically seeking people who can turn around eight or more hours of audio per week.

Offshore applications will not be considered.  U.S.-based or American expatriate transcribers only. Compensation is $75 per audio hour.

If interested in this work-from-home opportunity, please forward the following information: the type of software you use, your experience transcribing verbatim and/or time-coded audio, years of experience and types of work you’ve done, and whether you currently work for another company or for yourself.

Contact:  This position was found on craigslist, so please do your own due diligence.  Good luck! You can read my work at home general transcription story here.

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