8 Steps to Establishing Your Own Freelance Proofreading Business

Starting a freelance proofreading business from home can be an exciting and rewarding venture. As a proofreader, you have the ability to work from anywhere and on your own schedule, while also helping individuals and businesses to improve the quality of their written content. Whether you're looking to supplement your income or make a full-time career out of proofreading, this guide will provide … [Read more...]

Learn How to Start Your Own Freelance Proofreading Home Business

If you have word skills, if you cringe when you see a misspelled word, if you're an avid reader, then a freelance proofreading home business might be perfect for you! General proofreading is a home business with unlimited potential! As the Internet grows, more and more website, ebook, newsletter, and ad publishers need someone to proofread their copy. The possibilities are unlimited! This … [Read more...]

Temp Freelance Reader Job with Book of the Month

Book of the Month is seeking a temp freelance reader in the U.S. to read and evaluate books and assist in the process of choosing books for its members. This freelance position is perfect for someone who is an avid reader and is able to read as many as three books per week. From the company: "Book of the Month is seeking a Freelance Reader to help the Editorial Team find the best new books … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Home-Based Proofreading Job with AGIA

AGIA is seeking a home-based proofreading professional in the U.S. You must be detail-oriented and able to meet deadlines. This is a part-time work-at-home position. Hours for this home-based proofreading position are roughly four per week. Turnaround time is 24 hours. You must be able to meet this deadline. From the company: "AGIA is seeking a detail oriented Proofreader to support … [Read more...]

Freelance Editor Jobs with Static Media and Glam

Static Media is seeking freelance editors for its lifestyle website Glam! Compensation for these work at home freelance editor positions is $23 per hour. All candidates will be required to provide samples of relevant writing and editing work. From the company: "The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years of experience editing content for print or the web with a focus on lifestyle content … [Read more...]

Freelance Proofreaders and Copyeditors with Books International, Inc.

Books International, Inc. is seeking freelance proofreaders and copyeditors with APA (American Psychological Association) experience. Compensation for freelance proofreaders and copyeditors is $10 to $30 per hour. Both full and part-time opportunities are available. From the company: "Founded in 1984, Books International, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company, which provides … [Read more...]

Freelance Fact Checker Jobs with Complexly: $18 Per Hour

Complexly is hiring two freelance fact checker candidates, preferably based in the U.S. Compensation for these work at home roles is $18.00 per hour. The schedule for these freelance fact checker positions appears to be flexible and on an on-call basis. From the company: "Being able to decipher fact from fiction is becoming increasingly important. The smallest detail or word choice can … [Read more...]

Freelance Proofreader QA Editor Job with KnowledgeWorks Global

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is seeking a freelance proofreader QA editor in the U.S. Hours are flexible. In this work at home role, you will be proofreading medical and scientific articles for errors. From the company: "KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. is a worldwide leader and provider of content management and editorial services to scientific, technical, and medical journal publishers. We are … [Read more...]

Freelance Researcher Jobs with Wonder: Hiring Nationwide

Wonder is hiring freelance researchers in the U.S. These are part-time work at home positions. Compensation is $35 per hour! These freelance positions are contract. From the company: "Wonder conducts research for journalists, Tier 1 consulting firms, VCs, marketing agencies, and many others, creating steady work (3000 projects/month) for people who enjoy research and are hungry to learn … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Freelance Hiring Associate Job with Valnet

Valnet is seeking a freelance hiring associate in the U.S. This is a contract home-based position. Entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply. From the company: "Do you love working with people? Are you someone who’s looking to expand their knowledge on hiring practices and Human Resources? If so, then this is the perfect position for you. As a Freelance Hiring Associate with Valnet … [Read more...]

Filmless Hiring Freelance Voice Over Artists

Filmless is seeking home-based freelance voice over artists. This freelance opportunity can be performed from anywhere in the world with Internet access. You will be recording from your own home studio. From the company: "We're looking for the best voice talent to help us record professional voice overs for clients ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500s. This is a work from home job, so … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Freelance Parenting Writer for Valnet Inc.

Valnet Inc. is seeking a freelance parenting and motherhood writer to write news and feature articles targeted to parents, and covering subjects like pregnancy, babies, health, and more! The expectation for freelance writers is that they contribute 5 to 6 articles per week (500+ words each), and be willing to produce on weekends and evenings. From the company: "Are you a dynamic and driven … [Read more...]

Freelance Shopping News Writer Job with The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report is seeking a freelance shopping news writer. This is a part-time home-based job (3 to 4 days per week). The freelance shopping news writer will be creating beauty and celebrity shopping content. From the company: "The ideal candidate should be someone who loves all things beauty and celeb and should be hungry to be first to a story, whether that's an incredible flash sale at … [Read more...]

Freelance Marketing Copywriter Job with FunnelKake

Digital marketing agency FunnelKake is seeking a freelance marketing copywriter in the U.S.  This is a contract position.  The company is seeking a long-term, ongoing relationship. Compensation for this freelance position is $18.00 per hour. From the company: "The Copywriter will provide content based on client needs that is insightful and meets conversion. Topics and keywords will be … [Read more...]

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