Work at Home: Medical Editor Job with SanovaWorks

SanovaWorks, a monthly medical journal, is currently seeking a work-at-home assistant editor.  The primary responsibilities of this position are: proofreading, copyediting, preparing submitted material for publication, communicating with authors, and assisting in evaluating submitted content. Requirements (from listing): - 2-3 years editing experience in a publishing environment - Comfort … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Personal Finance Editor with Money Talk News

Money Talk News is seeking a work-at-home personal finance editor.  This is a freelance position. Salary is negotiable. You'll be responsible for sourcing, assigning, creating, editing news, as well as bringing in new team members. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining an editorial calendar and managing the editorial budget.  You must have a bachelor's degree or its equivalent … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Freelance Editor with The Pearson Foundation

The Pearson Foundation is seeking a work-at-home managing editor to work on a long-term curriculum development project about finance on a freelance basis in the Mill Valley, CA area.  You will guide the annual revision of high school courses in the subject area of finance. You will work mainly from home with occasional in-person meetings in Mill Valley, CA.  Hourly expectations are 30 to 35 per … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Editor Job with Twelvestone Capital

Twelvestone Capital is seeking a work-at-home editor in chief for its monthly investment journal, which is an e-publication with a circulation of approximately 6,000.  This is a part time opportunity. Your responsibilities will be to increase subscriptions (free) through online promotion, implement paid advertising, aggregate submissions each month and edit and proofread for content, provide … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Weekly Newsletter Editor with FierceDeveloper

A growing Net media company is seeking a work-at-home freelance editor for FierceDeveloper, a weekly newsletter targeted at mobile developers.  You must have three or more years of editorial experience, including both feature and breaking news. You must also have knowledge of the wireless industry and mobile operating systems, be familiar with online content management systems and Internet … [Read more...]

Work at Home Foodie Editor Job with Foodgawker

Foodgawker, a popular user submitted foodie photo gallery, is seeking a work-at-home moderator/editor for the site. You must love food and have a great eye for composition/photo quality.  Compensation is $15 per hour. You will select and order the user submitted photos to publish on a daily basis, as well as critique submissions and provide feedback on rejected submissions.  You will also … [Read more...]

Work at Home Editor Job with FierceMarkets! Excellent Salary

FierceMarkets, a growing online media company, is seeking a work-at-home editor.  This is a fulltime position paying $50,000 to $60,000 per year.  In this position, you will create content, provide media briefings, moderate occasional webinars, and attend and moderate panels and events, as well as contribute to the planning of them. You must have three or more years of experience in the … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Science Item Editor Job with WestEd

WestEd is seeking a work-at-home science item editor to edit and review science assessment items to be certain they meet guidelines.  You must have a degree in a science  related field, strong editing skills, and strong content knowledge.  You must also have high-stakes assessment development experience. Additionally, you must have teaching experience or a background in a related field, strong … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Entertainment Editor Job with Twitchy

Twitchy, a human-powered Twitter aggregator, is seeking a work-at-home entertainment editor to identify newsworthy content on Twitter, write posts, manage content across the Twitchy website, coordinate with fellow editors, and maintain the company's coverage of politics on Twitter. You must have a minimum of three years of entertainment-related blogging or journalism experience, excellent … [Read more...]

Freelance Baby and Parenting Editor Job with Studio One

Studio One is seeking a freelance editor with baby/health content experience.  You must have five or more years relevant experience at a senior level.  You must have an interest in parenting content.  You will be managing a team and driving editorial content. You must also be SEO and social media savvy, have excellent research abilities, and be deadline-oriented.  You schedule your hours.  You … [Read more...]

Work at Home Associate Assignment Editor Job with Journatic

Journatic is seeking a work-at-home associate assignment editor to sort through news leads, review them for accuracy, and then code them for the staff.  You must be detail-oriented, patient, and able to think on your feet. You must also be computer savvy and have excellent communication skills.  Organization and flexibility are a must in this position.  Compensation is $10 per hour. If … [Read more...]

Work at Home Associate Editor Job with CraftFoxes, a new social network for crafters, is seeking a work-at-home associate editor. You will be assigning, acquiring, and editing content for the site. You will be expected to update the site five days per week. You must be familiar with the crafting community in order to "envision, plan, develop, evaluate and line edit content for the site (from listing)."  You should have previous … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Content Editor Job with Modis

Modis is seeking a work-at-home content editor to create new hotel descriptions and resolve change requests (updates to hotel descriptions and amenities) submitted by clients and internal customers. This is an 8-month contract position. You will be creating and editing content, addressing change requests, clarifying details, and making appropriate changes to descriptive text, while adhering to … [Read more...]

Work at Home: Global Editor Job with RCR Wireless

RCR Wireless is seeking a work-at-home global editor to lead its transition from print to the Internet. You will be responsible for managing a team, creating content daily yourself, working to establish the brand as a thought leader, creating an editorial calendar (in collaboration with a team), and hosting webinars and events. You must have proven social media influence, experience producing … [Read more...]

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