4 Tips: How to Pass Your General Transcription Employment Test

I worked for more than a decade as a general transcriptionist. I even published an e-book on the subject. And at least once a week, I get an email from a reader asking me for advice on passing a general transcription employment test. Some of these people have tested several times with different companies, but haven’t been able to pass, and so haven’t gotten their first transcription job. What … [Read more...]

How to Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career!

Are you looking for a work-at-home job that costs little to start up, is flexible, and pays you well for your time and effort?  If so, then a general transcription home business might be the perfect career for you. I've worked as a general transcriptionist for more than a decade. General is not medical, so you don't need to go to school for it. It's very low-cost to start up. In fact, the … [Read more...]

The Secret to Finding a Work at Home Career

When I first started looking for work at home jobs 26 years ago, they were nearly impossible to find. In fact, at the time, I didn't know a single person who worked from home. And when I finally did find a way to work from home by starting my own home business (selling on eBay), when I told people what I was doing from home, they looked at me like I was from another planet. Now, though, it's … [Read more...]

Telecommute Legal Transcription with VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions (formerly Transcription Express) is seeking telecommute legal transcriptionists to work on an independent contractor basis. The company currently employs over 200 home-based contractors. These work at home positions are available nationwide! Rates are paid per audio minute. Payments are made twice monthly via direct deposit. From the company: "We are currently testing for … [Read more...]

Work at Home General Transcription Jobs with GMR

GMR Transcription is seeking work at home general transcriptionists in the U.S. The company does not require experience. However, you must pass a short transcription test to qualify for this home-based opportunity. Pay rates are from $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute. Payday is every other Friday, and payment will be made by check or direct deposit - your choice. Note that although most of the … [Read more...]

Work at Home General Transcription Jobs with Pearson

Pearson is seeking work at home general transcriptionists in the U.S. for a six-week project, from February 4, 2019 to March 18, 2019. Home-based transcribers will listen to audio responses and use specific transcription notations to transcribe verbatim. Transcription will be performed using an online tool, and training will be provided. You set your own schedule and work on your own … [Read more...]

Home-Based General Transcription Jobs with GS5

Federal contractor GS5 is seeking home-based general transcriptionists in the U.S. These home-based jobs are independent contractor positions. GS5 provides a range of support services to Intelligence and Command and Control communities within the Department of Defense. All home-based transcriptionists must have their high school diploma or its equivalent (GED). From the company: "GS5 was … [Read more...]

Work at Home General Transcription Jobs with Literably

Literably is hiring work at home transcriptionists to listen to audio recordings of elementary age students and transcribe reading errors. This home-based position is open anywhere in the U.S. Details for this Work at Home Position: This position is flexible. You set your own schedule. No experience is necessary. You will be given a short 30-minute assessment to determine your … [Read more...]

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