Work at Home Transcription: Tips on Getting Started

Transcription is a career which has, in the last decade, become something that can easily be done from home. Thanks to the Internet, this job, which used to require a commute to an office, no longer does. If you have a computer, Microsoft Word, and high-speed Internet, and can type 65 words-per-minute, all you need is a pair of headphones, a foot pedal, and the software to play downloaded audio … [Read more...]

4 Tips: How to Pass Your General Transcription Employment Test

I worked for more than a decade as a general transcriptionist. I even published an e-book on the subject. And at least once a week, I get an email from a reader asking me for advice on passing a general transcription employment test. Some of these people have tested several times with different companies, but haven’t been able to pass, and so haven’t gotten their first transcription job. What … [Read more...]

Work at Home Transcriptionist Jobs with AlphaSights

AlphaSights is hiring work at home transcriptionists in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. These are 1099 transcriptionist positions. Pay is competitive. These work at home transcriptionist positions are flexible. There are opportunities for advancement. From the company: "We are seeking experienced transcriptionists to join our elite team. Successful candidates will be comfortable … [Read more...]

Remote Legal Transcription Jobs with Dictate Express

Dictate Express is hiring transcriptionists in the U.S. for full and part-time remote legal transcription jobs! They are also hiring editors. Night coverage is available for those seeking overnight work! The company provides its remote employees voice recognition and FTP software (for download of audio). From the company: "We work exclusively with typists and transcriptionists who live … [Read more...]

Work at Home Pathology Transcription Jobs with iMedX

iMedX is hiring work at home pathology transcription professionals in the U.S. Full and part-time work is available on a contract basis. Compensation is competitive. Hours are Monday through Friday. From the company: "iMedX has openings for Pathology MT's using the MediTech, CoPath, PowerPath, or Epic Beaker system. We are offering sign-on bonuses for full or part-time IC … [Read more...]

Home-Based Transcription Jobs with Diaz Transcription Services

Diaz Transcription Services is hiring home-based transcribers to type unemployment compensation appeal hearings. These are contract positions available anywhere in the United States. Payment is made weekly, upon invoice to the company, and the company's page rates are highly competitive. You must have two years of transcription experience. From the company: "Diaz Transcription Services … [Read more...]

Home-Based Alexa Data Associate Jobs with Amazon

Amazon is again hiring work from home Alexa data associates in the U.S. These home-based Alexa data associate positions are primarily general transcription roles. Home-based Alexa data specialists transcribe audio for automatic speech recognition as part of a process to develop, test, and train Alexa AI. From the company: "Driven by your passion for data, you show proactive behavior in … [Read more...]

Work at Home Law Enforcement Transcription Jobs with Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is hiring work at home transcriptionists with experience transcribing criminal investigations, court proceedings, law enforcement interviews, jail calls, 911 calls, and other law enforcement audio. Work at home transcriptionists should have prior verbatim multi-speaker transcription experience. From the company: "In business since 1988, Net Transcripts has grown to be the … [Read more...]

Work at Home Insurance Transcription Jobs with Net Transcripts

Net Transcripts is hiring work at home general transcriptionists for insurance transcription jobs. These are contract home-based positions. Independent contractor transcriptionists may work as much or as little as they want, and on their own schedules. These positions are available in all U.S. states except: California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The company is specifically seeking … [Read more...]

Home-Based Legal Transcription Jobs with Heritage Reporting Corporation

Heritage Reporting Corporation is seeking home-based legal transcriptionists in the U.S. Both full and part-time home-based positions are available. You must have your high school diploma or its equivalent. From the company: "Heritage Reporting Corporation, a privately owned nationwide court reporting and transcription firm based in Washington DC, has immediate openings for full-time and … [Read more...]

Work at Home General Transcription Jobs with NCC

National Capitol Contracting is seeking work at home general transcriptionists in the U.S. Compensation for these home-based positions is $40 to $45 per audio hour. A background or familiarity with the medical field is a definite plus. From the company: "National Capitol Contracting (NCC) is looking for talented and passionate contract transcribers to support a unique opportunity within our … [Read more...]

Work at Home Legal Transcription Jobs with Heritage Reporting

Heritage Reporting Corporation is seeking full and part-time work at home legal transcriptionists in the U.S. Although experience is preferred, new transcriptionists are encouraged to apply. Hours are flexible, and pay is weekly and competitive. From the company: "Heritage Reporting Corporation, a woman-owned small business in Washington,D.C., is seeking full-time and part-time from-home … [Read more...]

Caption Colorado Work at Home Transcription Jobs in U.S.

Caption Colorado (now VITAC) is hiring home-based transcriptionists in the U.S. for general work at home transcription as well as real-time television captioning. From the company: "Our Voice Transcriptionists work from home and enjoy a flexible work schedule.  Employees are provided training prior to transcribing for our customers.  They start out working on a part-time basis with the … [Read more...]

Work at Home Transcription Jobs with VIA Captions

Via Captions, a subsidiary of VITAC, is seeking work at home general transcriptionists in the United States. These are independent contractor positions. Work at home transcriptionists will be paid per audio minute. Payment is weekly via PayPal. From the company: "As a work-at-home transcriptionist, you are free to create your own schedule. VIA provides the ideal work environment for … [Read more...]

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