Work-at-Home: Medical Transcription Jobs with WebMedx

Webmedx is currently seeking work-at-home medical transcriptionists for all shifts. Immediate openings are available.  You must have a strong background transcribing dictators with accents, and you must have high-speed Internet (cable or DSL; no satellite, dial-up, or wireless). They are specifically seeking acute care medical transcriptionists and speech recognition editors with a minimum of … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Medical Transcription Job with Kindred Healthcare

Kindred Healthcare is seeking a work-at-home transcriptionist to work 10 to 12 hours a week (maximum of 20) on an as-needed basis.  You must have two or more years of medical transcription experience in an acute care hospital.  You also must be able to transcribe 1,000 lines per eight-hour shift. In addition, you must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, the ability to work … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Medical Transcription Jobs with SoftScript

SoftScript employs medical transcriptionists who have at least three years of experience in the field for work-from-home positions.  CMT certification is preferred.  You must have knowledge of medical terminology and AAMT guidelines and procedures. You must also have access to reference materials.  Computer skills, including experience utilizing Microsoft Word and Windows, are required. … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Medical Transcription Jobs with InHealth

InHealth hires experienced work-at-home medical transcriptionists who are able to meet deadlines in a short time turnaround environment.  You must be highly accurate, with excellent punctuation skills. You also must have experience transcribing utilizing a foot pedal and software, and you must be adept at Internet research.  Finally, you must have experience transcribing for multiple … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Medical Transcription Jobs with Transcend

Transcend hires work-at-home transcriptionists from across the U.S.  You must have a minimum of three years current acute care experience, preferably with a significant background in operative notes.  You must have recent experience working in a large acute care setting with fifty-plus dictators. You must be willing to work with ESL dictators, and you must have high-speed Internet.  Rates are … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Archivus Medical Transcription Jobs

Archivus continues to recruit quality acute care medical transcriptionists for its work-at-home program.  Hours are flexible, pay is competitive, and ongoing support and feedback is provided.  You must have a computer with Windows XP, anti-virus software, and high-speed Internet, and you must have a minimum of two years of previous transcription experience. The company is particularly seeking … [Read more...]

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