Learn How to Earn a Full-Time Income Blogging!

Do you want to learn how to earn a full-time income blogging - the kind of money that is life changing, the kind of income that will allow you to travel, spend more time with your family, and secure your future? I've been a blogger for more than a decade. I started this site in 2007, and for years, I was lucky to bring in a few hundred dollars a month. I considered it a nice side gig, a way to … [Read more...]

Work at Home: How to Start Your Own Pet Sitting Business

Do you love animals? Do you want to work from a home office? And are you looking for a job with very little overhead? If you answered yes to all these questions, then a pet sitting business might be the perfect business for you. The first step, as with any business, is to make a plan. Pet sitters most often target dog and cat owners as potential clients. But you may want to consider more … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Share Your Craftiness with the World!

If you're the creative type, one of the best ways to make money from home is by starting your own home crafts business! With ever expanding opportunities to share your crafts on the Web (Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook), you can now make an excellent income selling your homemade crafts online! Before the Web, you'd have to rent space at a crafts fair, flea market, or crafts mall to get … [Read more...]

Money Tip: How to Get Paid 4 Times a Year Straight to PayPal!

I regularly have money sent to my PayPal that I wasn't even expecting! I open up my email inbox, and there's a message from PayPal - "You've got money!" I love those emails! How is that possible? It's possible because earning money with Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is so easy that you barely realize you're doing anything! I have the Chrome extension, so almost everywhere I shop, it pops up and … [Read more...]

Freelancers: How Much is Enough to Meet Your Goals?

  Freelancers often find it difficult to know what to charge for their time, especially when they're just starting out. Do you charge the going rate in your part of the country, or do you average the going rate across the country? Do you charge according to your level of experience? Or maybe you take all of these factors into consideration when deciding what to charge. It's more … [Read more...]

Make Money from Home with TaskRabbit!

One of the most flexible ways to make money from home is as a concierge on sites such as TaskRabbit. Becoming a TaskRabbit is easy. You simply create an account, attend an orientation in your city, pass a background check, and then start bidding on tasks in your city. You must be over 21 to work with TaskRabbit. Tasks can be things like grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, researching … [Read more...]

Make Money Mystery Shopping with ShadowShopper

If you're a regular reader of Work at Home Mom Revolution, you've probably noticed an ad in my sidebar for ShadowShopper. ShadowShopper is the most effective way to find mystery shopping jobs in your area, and mystery shopping is a great way to make extra money! ATTENTION: Because of information I've received from a reader, I no longer recommend ShadowShopper. If you're interested in mystery … [Read more...]

Make Money from Home as a Mock Job Interviewer for Prept

Prept is hiring work-at-home mock job interviewers to help job seekers prepare for interviews. This is a freelance position. You can be located anywhere in the U.S. Interviewers set and confirm their own schedules. Most interviewers make from $15-$50 for a 30-minute session. Qualifications (from employment listing): You must have prior experience conducting job interviews.  Our best … [Read more...]

Blogelina’s Make Money Blogging Class – Only $5 for Limited Time

If you're interested in learning how to make money blogging, Blogelina is offering a special deal right now on her 4-week online "Make Money Blogging Class (Closed)."  This class will be held in October 2013.  But to get the class for only $5 (normally, it's $25), you need to sign up between now and August 31st. Interested in Starting Your Own Money-Making Blog? Here's what you'll get: … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Blogging! 4-Week Class!

Heads up!  This is a great opportunity if you've ever thought about starting a blog to make money, but feel like you have no idea where to begin or just want some expert advice. Blogelina is once again offering her extremely popular 4-week blogging class (Closed)! Interested in Starting Your Own Money-Making Blog? Here's what you'll get if you sign up for this class: A class manual … [Read more...]

Make Some Extra Christmas Money at Hundy

This time of year, everyone's looking for an opportunity to make a little extra money. If you like Fiverr, a site where you can advertise your talents in a variety of fields for $5, then you'll love Hundy, where you can sell your services for up to $100.  Now that's more like it. How does it work? It's simple.  You create an account and list your service, as well as the cost at which you're … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Mom Speculators Make Money Day Trading

About 13 years ago, give or take a year (my brain is tired), I did something from home to make money that was shocking to a lot of my friends. It wasn't something most people would even consider trying. Because it was then, and is now, very risky. But I did it and was fairly successful at it. I was a day trader. I traded stocks from my home computer, sometimes making four or five trades a day. … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: New England Crafters Money-Making Opportunity

The U.S.'s largest work-at-home assembly firm is seeking home-based workers to produce handmade crafts.  You can assemble year-round at your own pace.  No experience is required. If you enjoy crafts and you want to supplement your income by earning extra cash, this is a great, flexible opportunity. You work at your own pace.  Crafters can make $50 to $450 per shipment, depending on the … [Read more...]

Work-at-Home: Field Merchandising Jobs with The Eleven Agency

The Eleven Agency is hiring work-from-home field merchandiser/trainers in the following states: AL AR AZ CA CO CT DC DE FL GA ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NJ NM NY NV NH NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY PR. Scheduling is flexible.  Compensation is $13 per visit.  You will be handling field merchandising and some informal training of store personnel.  You … [Read more...]

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